Beneficial Use/Land Application


GBMc & Associates provides regulatory and technical assistance in the design, permitting, and monitoring of beneficial use/land application of industrial residuals.  Agronomic application of byproducts for plant nutrient uptake optimizes resource utilization and eliminates waste.

Experience and Capabilities

  • Prepared permit applications and management plans for land application of wastewater residual solids from bleached and unbleached kraft pulp/paper mills.  Provided annual monitoring and reporting services.
  • Prepared numerous “one time” requests for land application of reserve pit fluids associated with natural gas well drilling.
  • Prepared permit application and management plan and provided annual reporting for land application of grease trap wastes. 
  • Provided engineering design, management/operation plans, and permitting of the collection/retention and distribution system of a commercial reserve pit fluid reuse operation.  System consisted of a series of storage/application basins and fixed set spray irrigation equipment in a network of designated application areas.  
  • Guided efforts to register industrial residuals as suitable soil amendments and/or pH adjustments. 
  • Permitted and developed compost facility management plans for exploration/production residuals in Colorado and Wyoming.

  GBMc Contacts Chuck Campbell or Kyle Hathcote