Compliance Assistance


GBMc & Associates helps industrial, commercial, and federal facilities meet increasingly stringent regulatory requirements and public expectations.  We help clients comply with environmental laws through federal and state regulations through permitting and reporting mentioned above.  We also help clients with compliance through:

  • Developing Environmental Management Systems
  • Parsing and documenting permit or regulation requirements and their compliance demonstration methodology
  • Creating required environmental plans such as:
    • QA/QC Plans
    • Testing Plans
    • Monitoring Plans
    • Flare Management Plans
  • Completing regulatory audits to identify deficiencies or improvement opportunities
  • Performing EPA Method 9 testing
  • Providing on-site support for short or long term for personnel shortages
  • Coordinating with regulatory agencies on enforcement issues
  • Providing litigation support

GBMc Contacts Lisa Reed or Ben Holden