Construction Management


GBMc & Associates provides on-site construction management and oversight services for capital projects.  The Construction Manager is the direct representative of the Owner/Engineer to ensure that engineering plans/specifications are complied with by Contractors during construction and the completed project meets the desired outcome.

Experience and Capabilities

  • Construction management and inspection for a twenty-eight mile multi-user wastewater force main and high-rate effluent diffuser for discharge to the Ouachita River in Arkansas.
  • Construction management for spillway demolition/replacement and dam improvements on a City-owned lake used for recreation and water supply.
  • Construction management for earthwork project to convert wastewater treatment impoundments to natural wetlands/uplands habitat at a closed kraft pulp/paper mill.
  • Demolition/abandonment of a forty-mile natural gas pipeline.
  • Environmental abatement and demolition of a kraft pulp/paper mill.
  • Construction inspection of underground utilities for a residential development.

 GBMc Contacts Chuck Campbell or Scott Lindberg