Design Plans/Specifications


GBMc & Associates provides civil engineering design plans and specifications for site work, underground utilities (gravity and force main), wastewater treatment, and storm water drainage/retention.  Services include construction cost estimation, preparation and distribution of complete construction bid packages and bid tabulation.   

Experience and Capabilities

  • Construction of a twenty-eight mile multi-user wastewater force main and high-rate effluent diffuser for discharge to the Ouachita River in Arkansas.
  • Spillway demolition/replacement and dam improvements on a City-owned lake used for recreation and water supply.
  • Site design for conversion of wastewater treatment impoundments to natural wetlands/uplands habitat.
  • Construction of a gravity sewer replacement at a poultry processing facility.
  • Surface impoundments for expansion of wastewater treatment units at a bleached kraft pulp/paper mill.
  • Construction of a high-rate effluent diffuser for a discharge to the Missouri River in Kansas.
  • Road and underground utilities for a golf course residential development.
  • Expansion/replacement of gravity sewer mains for a public utility.
  • Storm water retention and conveyance systems.
  • Modifications to the waste water treatment system for a munitions manufacturing facility.
  • Surface impoundments for wash water recycling at a sandstone mining/processing facility.

 GBMc Contacts Chuck Campbell or Scott Lindberg