NPDES Permitting

GBMc & Associates provides strategic NPDES Permitting Services to industrial and municipal clients in order to minimize costs associated with compliance with water quality standards and effluent guideline requirements. Specific service areas include: permit application development (including clean sampling for metals), permit review and negotiations, adjudication support, preparation of pollution prevention plans, and NPDES data systems management including DMR preparation.

Experience and Capabilities

  • Provided NPDES permitting services to numerous industries including power generation, specialty chemicals, aluminum mining and refining, electrical equipment, fertilizer, wood products, pulp and paper, aerospace, poultry, mining/mineral products, oil refining, and fuel storage.
  • Developed local limits for city pretreatment programs following EPA Pretreatment Guidelines.
  • Performed clean sampling for metals for NPDES permit application and negotiation purposes.
  • Negotiated with USEPA Region 6 and state regulators on metals implementation issues under the National Toxic Rule.
  • Developed facility management plans to address NPDES compliance issues under state administrative order requirements.
  • Detailed NPDES effluent guideline knowledge for
  •  power generation, pulp and paper, wood products, fertilizer manufacturing, organic chemical, plastics, oil refining, and synthetic fiber industries.
  • Review draft NPDES permits to ensure compliance with permit implementation procedures in the multiple EPA Region 6 & 7 states including Arkansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Louisiana, Kansas, and Nebraska.
  • Provided expert witness support and testimony on NPDES permit appeals and Clean Water Act citizen suits in both Arkansas and Oklahoma.
  • Developed Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans under NPDES Industrial General Permit requirements for numerous industry groups including poultry processing, animal feed manufac
    turing, power generation, specialty chemical, wood products, electrical equipment, mining, oil refining, and aerospace.
  • Development of NPDES permit applications, including sampling (as needed).
  • Turnkey routine NPDES data management including lab QA/QC, data analysis, and DMR preparation.

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