RCRA Permitting/Compliance

GBMc & Associates provides strategic regulatory services to industrial and municipal clients to assist compliance with the complicated hazardous waste (RCRA) standards and requirements.  Specific service areas include: permit application development (Part A, Part B), permit review and negotiations, Professional Engineer certification of permitted modifications and corrective actions, implementation/certification of closure plans.

Experience and Capabilities

  • Provided clean closure sampling and certification for a hazardous waste incinerator and other treatment units at a munitions manufacturing facility. 
  • Provided closure sampling and clean certification for an emergency hazardous waste treatment unit.
  • Prepared Part A/B permit application documents to consolidate multiple permits at a complex federal facility into a single permit.
  • Conducted facility hazardous waste audits and prepared corrective action plans to address items of concern.
  • Prepared application documents to add storage units at a permitted facility.
  • Prepared contingency plans for small quantity generators.
  • Strategic compliance guidance to all generator classifications (CESQG, SQG, LQG).

GBMc Contacts Chuck Campbell or Amanda Gallagher