Utility/Pipeline Services


GBMc & Associates provides regulatory and technical expertise for the planning, permitting, and implementation of linear construction projects, for both overhead electric transmission lines and conventional trench excavated pipelines.  Specific service areas include: PSC routing studies, public participation, environmental impact assessments, NPDES permit application development, wetlands delineation/USACE permitting, erosion/sediment control plan development and inspection, and coordination with local authorities.

Experience and Capabilities

  • Provided routing studies for electric utility transmission lines in accordance with Public Service Commission requirements.
  • Provided guidance to avoid or minimize impacts to Waters of the U.S. during planning phases for locating utility line rights-of-way and associated pads.
  • Developed USACE Section 404 Pre-Construction Notification (PCN) for numerous linear construction projects including natural gas pipeline, electric transmission lines, and public utility water/wastewater pipelines.
  •  Obtained USACE Section 10 authorization for overhead utility crossings of navigable waterways.
  •  Developed stream crossing stabilization designs for installation of pipelines by open cut excavation.
  • Prepared NOI and SWPPP including BMP design for over 300,000 linear feet of pipeline installed over a multi-year period.  Provided pre- construction guidance for installation of erosion and sediment control measures as well as inspection/monitoring during construction.
  • Performed environmental impact assessments to support utility line routing studies.
  • Provided comprehensive environmental permitting and compliance support for a twenty-eight mile wastewater pipeline for a public utility.

 GBMc Contacts Chuck Campbell or Brad Phillips