Wetland Science

GBMc & Associates provides expertise in the field of Wetland Science.  Specific areas of expertise and project experience include:  wetland identification and delineation, wetland restoration and enhancement, wetland creation for wastewater treatment, modeling of wetland systems to project short term and long term development resulting from hydrologic management, and water quality and land use practices. 

Experience and Capabilites 

  • Identified and delineated wetlands in the Vicksburg, Memphis, Tulsa, Kansas City, Fort Worth and Little Rock US Army Corps of Engineers districts according to the guidelines of the 1987 Corps of Engineers Wetlands Delineation Manual and recent supplemental guidance.
  • Experienced in development of Section 404 Permit Applications and in coordinating activities with the Corps Regulatory Branches.
  • Identified plants and characterized soils and hydrology in potential wetland areas and stream corridors to determine impacts of industrial activities to surrounding land features.
  • Experienced in use of Charleston Method for calculation of wetland impacts and mitigation credits and in the use of stream impact evaluation methodologies, including the Little Rock Stream Method.
  • Completed planning and development of wetland and stream mitigation plans as required for compensatory mitigation and restoration of injured resources.
  • Completed detailed project design and construction oversight for stream restoration/enhancement and wetland restoration projects.
  • Designed and constructed wetland, transitional and upland habitat features as part of industrial site closure plans.
  • Participated in ecological risk assessments to evaluate impact of industrial activity on wetland ecosystems.


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